Wednesday, March 11, 2009


These are somewhat like the enchiladas below. They are not creamy though. You can make them with chicken, beef, pork, whatever. I'm sure you could use shrimp if you wanted to, although I have never tried it. I always make these sometime in the first few days after I make a roast. These freeze really well, so you could easily make them ahead of time and just thaw on the day you want to eat them. You could also just freeze the filling for use later. That's what I do if I have more than I want to use that day.

First you put some salsa (whatever brand you like) into a strainer over a bowl or whatever. Then you cube up your meat. I always add shredded cheese to the meat. When the salsa is done draining, I see how much salsa juice I have. If I think I'll need more, I pour a little water over the salsa and let it drain some more. Sometimes I add black beans in with the meat, sometimes corn, sometimes nothing. It totally depends on my mood, and if I have anything left over in the fridge that I think would be good in the enchiladas. After the salsa is done draining, I dump the salsa in with the meat. It is now meat, cheese, salsa, and beans or other add-ins.

Next you take your tortillas and warm them up a little. Then I dip them in the salsa juice - I forgot, if I add black beans to the meat I put a little water in the can before I drain them and then I drain them into the salsa juice, so the bean juice is in with the salsa juice. Anyway, then I take a tortilla, dip it into the salsa juice, and put some of the meat, bean, cheese, salsa mixture in the middle. Sometimes I've even spread a little refried beans down the tortilla before the meat mixture, but not if there's beans in with the meat. That's just asking for trouble. (If I have any salsa juice left, I just pop it into a container, label it, and stick it in the freezer for use next time.)

Then I roll them up and put them in a pan that I've sprayed with cooking spray. Then I spread shredded cheese over the top.

Cook in a 350 - 375 degree oven for about half an hour until the cheese is bubbly and yummy looking.

Serve with salad, corn, applesauce, sour cream, or whatever you like.

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